(A) The Academic Rules and Regulations for B.A. /B.Sc. Programs in the Semester System will be administered by the Dibrugarh University Academic Calendar.

(b) College Timing: Weekdays from 9:00 AM to 4.00 PM (Monday to Saturday)

(C) College Uniform:

Boys: - White Shirt, Black Pant, Black Shoes and Navy Blue Sweater or Blazer.

Girls: - White Kurta, Sky Blue Pant and Dupatta (Surni), Navy Blue Sweater or Blazer.

(D)Students Identity Card:

Hanging type Identity cards with coloured photo will be issued to the students and should be worn on all weekdays.



A student must attend a minimum 80% of the total number of classes held; otherwise the student will not be allowed to appear in the concerning final examination.

(F)Examination/ Seminar:

Internal examinations are conducted by the College including Sessional Examinations, Departmental Tests, Unit Tests and Assignments. Besides, Seminar and Group Discussions are conducted by the concerning Departments and students participation will be counted for internal assessment of Marks.

(G) Rules of Discipline:

Great emphasis is laid on discipline and character building and students are expected to maintain a high standard of discipline. They are subject to rules and regulations of the College.

  • i. The students are required to reach the institution at least 15 minutes before schedule of the classes in full uniform with identity card.
  • ii. All forms of ragging in the college campus are prohibited. Strong disciplinary action may be taken if anyone is found to be involved directly or indirectly in ragging.
  • iii. Pupils should not keep costly items (mobile phone, money etc.) with them. The college does not take responsibility in case of any loss or damage.
  • iv. Bringing mobile phone for use is strictly prohibited inside the class room.
  • v. Bike rider, that is, student is not allowed to the College Campus without driving license and helmet.
  • vi. Use of mask, sanitizer, maintaining social distance etc. are compulsory in use and other rules and regulations of Govt. of India and Govt. Health Department in relation COVID-19 pandemic will be strictly followed.

The student admitted to the College must abide by all rules and regulations as prescribed by the College authorities. Violation of rules, irregular attendance, showing discourtesy to the teacher and staff members in any form, adoption of unfair means during examination etc. are some of the offences which may make students liable for disciplinary action and even expulsion from the college at any time of the years with immediate effect.